The Harvester Mission

Founded in 1929 by T. Marshall Morsey, the Harvester Mission began as a center for leading people to hope through trusting in God. In both the spoken and written word, Dr. Morsey's messages were consistently focused on helping the individual see how the Scripture reveals the nature and love of God through the person and teaching of Jesus Christ. After Dr. Morsey's death in 1941, his widow, Marjorie continued to fill the demand from Christian ministries around the world for his writings, many of which were translated into various languages. As a matter of principle all materials were freely given to all who asked.

In the late 1940s and early 1950's, T. Marshall's son, David, while completing seminary training, began writing essays for the H.M. periodic publications and speaking at the small Sunday service continuing in the Harvester Mission chapel. A diversity of ministries and challenging life experiences followed. All were being used by God to craft a ministry to those for whom God and Christianity didn't make sense. Careful scholarship through the original Biblical languages combined with helping to shoulder the heavy, real-life burdens of hundreds of struggling human beings, produced a practical message of hope and comfort. Through a remarkable gift for communicating this message of the Bible in the spoken and written word, he was able to provide a means for those who were unsettled to find peace and joy in the love of Jesus Christ. Near the end of his life, he described the role God had given him as "something of a 'wilderness shepherd', reaching out to those whose way has led them through the rugged terrain" (The Arduous Odyssey, Book I). David was ultimately asked by the Harvester Mission board to assume the full leadership of the ministry; and continued in this role until his death in January of 1996.

A prolific writer, David produced many books, poems, and essays, all of which have been published by The Harvester Mission and are, for the most part, available today. No works are sold. David consistently said that he couldn't put a price on what God had freely given him.

As David's son, it was my privilege to study under his teaching and share in the work of the Harvester Mission under his leadership. We are thankful to God for being able to continue to make his writings freely available to all who ask. In addition, we continue a Bible teaching ministry with home Bible studies, all focused on applying the Word of God to daily life.

Ed Morsey


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