About David Morsey

David Morsey was a dedicated student of the Scriptures for well over 50 years, and a servant of the body of believers for most of that time. Born December 23, 1925, he was formally trained in Biblical studies as a graduate of Pasadena Nazarene College (now Point Loma Nazarene University), Simpson Bible Institute, and Fuller Theological seminary (Div. M); and in Educational Psychology as a graduate of The University of Southern California (M.S.). Though equipped to build and lead a large ministry, he was moved to focus on small congregations, groups and individuals of varied backgrounds and denominations. He was always trying to help the struggling individual find peace through Jesus Christ.

David's gift for writing showed up early in his academic training and was developed through years of making the Word of God relevant to people who struggle with life. He never wavered from trusting in the inspiration of Scripture, consistently placing it ahead of all denominational traditions, beliefs, and practices. This often put him in a position of swimming against the tide; but also kept him from yielding to the "waves and winds of doctrine" discussed in the book of James.

He was self supporting until his children were grown, earning his living by teaching school and small business ventures, though at the same time he was speaking on Sundays, teaching Bible studies and counseling. After his two daughters and son were of age, he began to devote most waking hours to writing and ministering to those he felt God had brought across his path. At this point David started a Bible School, the Harvester Training Institute, to provide an opportunity for deeper study of the Scriptures, with a focus on the Greek and Hebrew languages.

David refused to promote his ministry in any way -- and never lacked people to serve. He also refused to ask for any contributions, not even passing a collection plate during 30 years of services at the Harvester Mission chapel. He wanted to avoid any appearance of self-interest, consistently trusting God to bring those who needed help and to bring the resources needed to help them. God, of course, demonstrated His trustworthiness. When David passed on to be with Christ on January 18, 1996, he left no debt and only a few material possessions. What he did leave was a wealth of wise and encouraging words applying the Word of God to daily life.

It is our privilege to share them with you. We trust God can use them to lift your heart and mind to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to hear the voice of God through the timeless words of the Holy Scriptures.

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