The Harvester Mission

A non-profit organization since 1929.

P.O. Box 4520

Sunland, California 01041-4520

Founded in 1929 to provide a ministry of Bible teaching to the harvesters throughout the world. Today the Harvester Mission continues to offer, without cost, writings which examine the Word of God, finding in it: encouragement, guidance, and assurance.

In spite of the confusing doctrines and cultural trends which tend to dominate religious expression, God's foundational principles for living remain untainted and relevant, having provided hope to individuals for centuries. In the midst of the timeless hassles of being human, one's heart and mind can be lifted to a liberating encounter with Jesus Christ. Perhaps these materials can help do just that for you.

The late David Morsey, a loving shepherd and gifted writer, wrote the materials we currently offer. David spent a lifetime as a student of the Scriptures, teaching and counseling groups and individuals to find a foundation for life. His conviction was to share what God had given him without cost.

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